OUR Mission

1W1 GmbH aims to get a worldwide leader in methanol economy, focusing on fuel processing and fuel cell system technology.

1W1 GmbH is part of a holistic approach to establish a liquid fuel as a renewable energy source. As a fact, methanol has the highest potential to meet the demands for a future fuel. From the synthesis of methanol out of renewable hydrogen and recycled CO2 to an efficient conversion of electrical energy, the methanol economy is based on established industrial processes.

1W1 GmbH provides a highly attractive environment for engineers to develop holistic solutions complying with technical,  ethical and commercial expectations.

1W1 GmbH works with industrial / institutional partners of highest capability in research, industrial design and manufacturing to ensure the development of competitive products.


Market Analysis

1W1 analyzes market scenarios for methanol fuel-cell applications, compared to conventional and other renewable energy sources. This will allow well-founded decisions for the development, leading to products for the alternative green industry. 

System Design

1W1 follows state-of-the-art develop-ment principles and processes to achieve the highest standards in our projects, which leads to better and more reliable products. Right from the start - functionality, efficiency, and safety are the main drivers for our technical and commercial solutions.  


1W1 considers from the first sketch of idea to the final product, design to manufacturing and costs to allow a controlled and optimal transition to ramp-up the production. This incorporates optimized production processes, materials, and logistics.