The fuel cell stack and system is nowadays well developed, which is on the way for industrialization. We take the advantage of fuel cell industry and integrate the "gas system" : reformer and PrOX CO cleaner.

The coupling of thermo is the key for having stable temperature and chemical reaction, which ensures the followed electro-chemical reaction staying stable. 

The power management system is an integration of Reformer management system and Fuel Cell management system.

System takes pure methanol in stead of methanol pre-mixture to insure a widely application in the market.

The methanol reformed fuel cell system get less influence from low ambient temperature, since there are catalytic burner in the system integrated.

Fuel cell system is semi-standard Product which are aviable from the fuel cell industry and the cost-down process are on the way. 

The methanol reformer is specialized for mobile application, which is vibration resistent and suitable for often start and stop process.



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